Ambroise Tézenas

Born in Paris in 1972, Ambroise Tézenas graduated from the Applied Arts School of Vevey, Switzerland in 1994. First based in London and then Paris, he worked as a photojournalist for both french and international magazines, spending much of his time traveling in South East Asia, Central and South America.

From 2001, Ambroise has essentially devoted his time to landscape photography. His work questions the landscape, the memory of spaces, the issue of documentation and often summoned the history of photography.
He received the European Publisher’s Award for Photography in 2006, the Nikon Story Teller Award in 2008 for his photographs of Cuba commissioned by the New York Times Magazine, was shortlisted for the Prix de Académie des Beaux-Arts and the Pictet Prize in 2012. Recently, Ambroise was laureate of the Observatoire photographique des paysages de la vallée de la Seine, of les Regards du Grand Paris, and part of the grande commande du  Ministère de la Culture in 2022, his photographs has been collected  by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France collection, the Musée Français de la Photographie or the Musée d'Art Moderne de la ville de Paris.

Photographer and author, he published several monographs and is regularly exhibited including in les Rencontres d’Arles (2007-2014-2018). His work features in major international publications, including the New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Architectural Digest, Vanity Fair, Monocle or W Magazine.
His current project is about France shot in 8x10 in black and white.


Short statement about my commissioned works:

My artistic work is nurtured by my commissioned work, and vice versa, a sometimes difficult to find balance that I cultivate.
Following the publication of my first monograph “Beijing, theater of the people”, I have been regularly commissioned by the New York Times magazine, and others international publications. I had the opportunity to travel all over the world with the freedom to shoot mostly in analog in large format as a continuation of my personal work.
Additionally, over the past 20 years, I have worked on institutional and advertising commissions, and the representation of reality and its “authenticity” is always a theme central to my methodology.
As Frédéric Boucher, an exhibition curator, stated in 2018, “there usually is a notable philosophical divergence between commissioned documentaries and the free-minded and so-called “creative” path. Such separation doesn’t exist in Ambroise’s works. Whether they are personal or contracted, he treats them as spaces of experimentation and research which will contribute to new concepts, and to produce works that reflect his vision of the world.”
I usually work in natural light, and, in the framework of advertising projects, I often need to recreate that type of light. Looking for a particular mood, a certain moment of the day to be rendered in an image is essential, whether it demands important or light efforts to do so. However, the labor required to achieve such purpose only matters to the photographer. The viewer should feel a lightness, a sense of time suspended specific to the image in which the unremarkable is sublimated without artifice.
Of course, unfailingly responding to all my sponsors’goals remains my priority, while I always look to make it a creatively enriching experience.


Solo exhibitions

Observatoire Photographique de la Vallée de la Seine, Château de la Roche Guyon, France
Un itinéraire Paris-Moisson, Galerie du CAUE92, Nanterre

Tamsusis turizmas, Grutas Park. Lithuania
I was here, festival Cargo. Saint Nazaire, France

I was here, Kaunas Photo festival. Lithuania

I was here, Galerie Le lieu. Lorient, France
Villa mon plaisir, Festival Portrait(s). Vichy, France
Des sneakers comme Jay Z avec Frédéric Delangle. Ooshot Award, France

I was here, tourisme de la désolation. Photaumnales de Beauvais, France
Des sneakers comme Jay Z avec Frédéric Delangle. Les Rencontres d'Arles de la Photographie, France
Des sneakers comme Jay Z avec Frédéric Delangle. QPN, Nantes, France
Des sneakers comme Jay Z avec Frédéric Delangle. La Villette, Paris, France

De Paris à Mantes, au fil de la Seine. Musée de l'Hôtel Dieu, Mantes-la-Jolie, France 
La Vallée. Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie en Gaspesie, Canada 

I was here. Galerie Mélanie Rio. Nantes, France
Gaspesie, Canada / artist in residence. Photaumnales de Beauvais, France

I was here, tourisme de la désolation. Les Rencontres d'Arles de la Photographie, France
I was here. Festival de Fotografia. Getxophoto, Spain
Photographies, librairie Maupetit, Marseille, France

Dark tourism, Galerie Mélanie Rio, Nantes, France

Pékin, théâtre du peuple, Arkéa, Brest, France

Pékin, théâtre du peuple, Galerie Philippe Chaume, Paris, France
Pékin, théâtre du peuple, Photaumnales de Beauvais, France
Night Visions, Young Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Beijing, theatre of the people, Galerie Catherine Shubert, Bangkok, Thailand
Pékin, théâtre du peuple , Galerie Fnac, Nîmes, France
Pékin, théâtre du peuple , Galerie Fnac, Lille, France

Le jour est brutal et bruyant, Le Méjan, Rencontres d’Arles, France
De hutongs van Beijing, Kunsthal Museum, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Pékin, théâtre du peuple, Galerie Fnac, Paris, France
Pékin, théâtre du peuple, Galerie Fnac, Lyon, France
Pékin, théâtre du peuple, Galerie Fnac, Toulon, France

Altes Peking-Neues Peking, Galerie Leica, Solms, Germany
Pékin, théâtre du peuple, Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d’Arles, France
Beijing, theatre of the people, Paris-Beijing photo Gallery, Beijing, China
Photographies, Galerie Chambre avec vue, Paris, France


Group exhibitions

La France sous leurs yeux. BNF, Paris
Olympism made Visible. Les Rencontres d'Arles de la Photographie
Olympism made Visible. Maison de l'Amérique Latine, Paris

Hors Jeux. Festivale des Photaumnales, Amiens 

Chantiers ouverts au public, Centre des Monuments Nationaux. Cloitre de la Psalette, Tours
Biennale d'Architecture et du Paysage. Versailles

Lycéen t'es qui?. Maison de la culture. Amiens

Aspects of Contemporary Photography in the Bachelot collection. Salon de la Photo. Paris
Filigranes, 30 ans d'édition. Galerie filles du calvaire, Paris

Collection Bachelot, Daegu Photo Biennale. Korea
Exposition CXC Guerlain. Paris
Rendez-vous à Saint Briac. Mélanie Rio Fluency

Turismoak. Centro Koldo Mitxelena. Donostia, Spain
Paysages français, un aventure photographique. Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Paris
Le Voyage Ordinaire. Centre d’Art Contemporain « La Chapelle des Franciscains », saint Nazaire
France(s) Territoire Liquide. Musée d’Art Moderne de Bogota, Colombia
Anatomie du paysage. Musée Réattu. Arles, France

Temps Modernes. QPN. Nantes, France
Mirage. Galerie Mélanie Rio. Paris, France
France(s) Territoire Liquide. Archipel Centre De Culture Urbaine. Lyon, France
I was here. Art Souterain Festival. Must Art be appealing?. Montreal, Canada
I was here. Nuit de la Photo. La-Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
Constellation.s., habiter le monde. Bordeaux, France
Paris Photo, Grand Palais. Galerie Mélanie Rio

Welcome Paradise. Exhibition with Philippe Chancel. Galerie Mélanie Rio. Paris, France
Fotograf vakfi. Documentary Photography Days. Istanbul, Turkey
Paris Photo, Grand Palais. Galerie Mélanie Rio

Landscape with Edgar Martins and Patrick Tourneboeuf, Galerie Mélanie Rio. Nantes, France
La collection, Galerie Mélanie Rio. Nantes, France
France(s) Territoire Liquide. Le Tri Postal, Transphotographiques. Lille, France
Paris Photo, Grand Palais. Galerie Mélanie Rio

Le grand déballage, Galerie Mélanie Rio. Nantes, France
Paris Photo, Grand Palais. Galerie Mélanie Rio
Images Magazine, Salon de la Photo de Paris, France
10 ans d’Images !, Maison Européenne de la Photographie. Paris
Art Paris 2013. Galerie Mélanie Rio
La nuit des Images, Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland
Destinations Europe, Photaumnales de Beauvais, France

Proof: 2nd Annual Benefit Auction. New York, USA
Paris Photo, Grand Palais, Galerie Mélanie Rio

Carte blanche à neuf photographes, Itinéraires des photographes voyageurs, Bordeaux, France
Exposition Image Solidaire. Espace Dupon, Paris, France
Paris Photo, Grand Palais. Galerie Mélanie Rio
Benefit Auction / Cinémathèque de Tanger, Rencontres d’Arles, France
Destinations Europe : Stockholm, Photaumnales de Beauvais, France
Galerie Philippe Chaume, Paris, France

Les espaces de célébration, Biennale de Photographie et Architecture, La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium
Prix Photographique PHPA 2010, Théâtre de L’Odéon, Paris, France
Destinations Europe,  Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d’Arles, France
Correspondances photographiques avec Frédéric Delangle, Musée des moulages, Lyon, France

Beijing, theatre of the people, Rangoon Photography Festival, Myanmar
Art Paris, galerie Philippe Chaume, France
Beijing, theatre of the people, Phnom Penh Photo Festival Off, Cambodia

Pékin, théâtre du peuple, Festival IMAGES’08, Vevey, Switzerland
Corps de ville, Biennale de Photographie et Architecture, La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium
Show Off, galerie Philippe Chaume, France
Art Paris, galerie Philippe Chaume, France
Paris Photo, carrousel du Louvre, galerie Philippe Chaume, France
Europe échelle 27, Maison des Arts, Paris, France
Theatre of the people, Paris-Beijing photo Gallery, Beijing, China

Beijing, theatre of the people, Angkor Photography Festival, Cambodia
Jours de France, Fnac, Lyon, France

Agglomérat, Théâtre de l'Arsenic, Lausanne, Switzerland

Garches, après l’accident, Espace Branly, Paris, France

Vivement dimanche!, Musée d’Evry, Essonne, France

Bords de mers, Les Ateliers Mécaniques, Vevey, Switzerland


Awards / Grants

Laureat Grande Commande Photographique du Minisère de la Culture. Radioscopie de la France : regards sur un pays traversé par la crise sanitaire
Créateurs Design Award Winner. Best Project Photography for The Hôtel de la Marine restored.

Laureat des Regards du Grand Paris #6. Commande photographique nationale portée par les Ateliers Médicis en coopération avec le Centre national des arts plastiques (Cnap)

Laureat de L'Observatoire photographique des paysages de la vallée de la Seine avec Jérémie Léon

Ooshot Award winner with Frédéric Delangle
Mention spécial Prix Camera Clara avec Frédéric Delangle

London Creative Awards winner 2016
Shortlisted  Immersion program. Fondation d'entreprise Hermès / Aperture Foundation

Shortlisted for the 2013 European Publishers Award for Photography

Nominated for the Prix Pictet 

PDN Photo Annual, USA
Prix Virginie Clément, PHPA 2010, France

Finaliste du Prix de l’Académie des Beaux Arts
Nikon Story Teller Award, PDN Photo Annual, USA
SPD Medal Finalist pour Beyond the Glitz , Newsweek, USA

Leica European Publishers Award for Photography
Lauréat Mission Jeunes Artistes, France

Lauréat de la Fondation Agglomérat, Switzerland

Bourse de la DRAC, Ministère de la Culture, France

Prix de la Jeune Chambre Economique de Lausanne, Switzerland
Prix Déclic, European Schools of Photography, France

Prix Beyeler-Nikon, Switzerland




Villa mon plaisir. Editions Filigranes, France, 64 p. 2019
I was here. Dewi Lewis Publishing, UK, 200 p. 2014
Tourisme de la désolation. Actes Sud, France, 200 p. 2014
Pékin, théâtre du peuple. Actes Sud, France, 120p. 2006
Beijing : theatre of the People. Dewi Lewis Publishing, UK, 120p. 2006
Pekin, teatro del pueblo. Lunwerg Editores, Spain, 120p. 2006
Pechino, teatro del popolo. Peliti Associati, Italy, 120p. 2006
De hutongs van Peking. Mets & Schilt, Netherlands, 120p. 2006
Pékin, théâtre du peuple . Edition Braus, Germany, 120p. 2006
Beijing, theatre of the People. Apeiron Photos, Greece, 120p. 2006

Collective work

Des Sneakers comme Jay Z. Emmaus Solidarité. 2018
Paysages français. Une aventure photographique. BNF Editions. 2017
V.oyage O.rdinaire. Le bec en l'air, France. 2017
Au fil de la Seine, de Paris à Mantes. Editions point de vues. 2017
Une autre histoire de la photographie - les collections du musée français de la photographie. 2015
France(s) Territoire Liquide. Le Seuil, France. 2014
Europe, Echelle 27. TransPhotographic Press, France. 2008


Chez eux / Be my guest. FR/ENG. Flammarion/Rizzoli. 2020
Résidences Présidentielles / Presidential Residences in France. FR/ENG. Flammarion 2021
Le Garde meuble de la Couronne / The French Royal Wardrobe. FR/ENG. Flammarion 2021
Un jour à L'Assemblée Nationale. Flammarion 2024
De retour chez eux / How They Entertain. FR/ENG. Flammarion/Rizzoli. 2024



In Residence

2016/2019 Hôtel de la Marine, Paris. Centre des Monuments Nationaux, France
2016 The Gaspé, Québec. Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie en Gaspésie, Canada
2015 Mumbai-Bangalore, India. Voyage Ordinaire, L'Art à l'Ouest, France
2013 Le voyages à Nantes, France
2011 Stockholm, Sweden.  Carnets d'Europe. Association Diaphane, France
2012 Broglie. Pôle Image Haute Normandie. France
2011 Airion. Diaphane Pôle photographique. Picardie, France
1998 Vivement dimanche!. Mission photographique du Conseil Général de l'Essonne


La Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Musée d'Art Moderne de la ville de Paris
Collection du Centre des Monuments Nationaux
Artothèque de Pessac, France
Musée Français de la Photographie, Bièvres, France
Musée Réattu, Arles
Centre nationale des arts plastiques (Cnap)
Collection Bachelot
Musée de l'Hôtel-Dieu, Mantes-la-Jolie
Private Collections


Editorial (selection)

The New York Times Magazine (USA)
The New Yorker (USA)
The Wall Street Journal Magazine (USA)
The International Herald Tribune (USA)
The Independent Magazine (UK)
Bloomberg Pursuits (USA)
Architectural Digest (France)
Geo (France)
The Telegraph Magazine (UK)
Le Monde 2 (France)
The Times (UK)
Paris Match (France)
Le Figaro Magazine (France)
Libération (France)
Business week (USA)
L’Express (France)
NUMERO (France)
WAD (France)
Telerama (France)
El Pais (Espagne)
Newsweek (USA)
Departures (USA)
Travel & Leisure (USA)
Conde Nast traveler (USA)
Architectural Digest (USA)
Living (Italy)
RUM Magazine (Danemark)
W Magazine(USA)
Vanity Fair (USA)
Monocle (UK)

Teaching / workshops

Workshop. Les Rencontres d'Arles, France
Workshop. Venezia Photo, Italy
Lecture. School of Visual Arts, New York. USA
Lectures & teaching. Spéos Paris Photographic Institute. France
Workshop. Applied Arts School of Vevey. Switzerland
Workshop and residency. Pôle Image Haute Normandie. France
Workshop and residency. Diaphane Pôle photographique. France
Workshop, abbaye de Jumièges. France
Workshop, école d'Arts de Saint Nazaire. France
Lectures, Ponant Cruise ship
Lecture, Maison Européenne de la Photographie. Paris, France

Interviews, reviews and articles (selection) 

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Ambroise Tézenas